Tuscany Road 2019

The third edition of Tuscany Road will start on September 14th 2019 from Massa (MS) and will end in Capalbio (GR) after having crossed all of Tuscany.

Opening of registrations 1 April.

Tuscany Road 2019 will be more than just an experience and, for many of you, it will be the experience that will change the way of approaching the bike forever. The crossing of Tuscany will be an indelible and unique memory that you will bring in for a long time.



The road shapes the cyclist. The bicycle turns energy into speed. The gratification of winning a
personal challenge repays all the hard work done on those pedals. Only Tuscany Road allows that.
Over 400 km of route throughout Tuscany, following roads in which nature and history intertwine
with adventure, experienced on that thin wheels that bite the asphalt, immersed in breathtaking


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