The Chebacco Gravel Ride 2019

23. Juni 2019 um 7:30 – 18:00
Bokaal Liedekerke
1770 Liedekerke
17,50€ - 30 €
The TS-bikes Chebacco Gravel Ride
The Chebacco Gravel Ride 2019 @ Bokaal Liedekerke | Liedekerke | Vlaanderen | Belgien

The Chebacco Gravel Ride is an annual off-road ride with a fantastic atmosphere and in a fantastic landscape in the heart of Belgium, we offer you several distances and you’re free to start between starting hours, also there’se a huge bunchstart (without racing) to make it as social as possible !

This ride is ment for Gravelbike, but also MTB and Cross can be used, our tracks are “not” rideable with a normal racebike (even not with wider tyres).

The course is great but challenging, make sure you enter with a minimum of basic condition to make it to the finishline !

Follow the Facebook page of the Chebacco Gravel Ride to stay on top of the evolutions towards the 23th of June.

CU there,

The Chebacco crew

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