Gravel Ride des 13 Châteaux

7. April 2019 um 8:30 – 18:30
Pavillon de la Heid des Corbeaux
Domaine du Rond Chêne 10
4130 Esneux
Gravel Ride des 13 Châteaux @ Pavillon de la Heid des Corbeaux  | Esneux | Wallonie | Belgien

Car park : Pavillon de la Heid des Corbeaux – Route du Rond Chêne 10 – 4130 Esneux (Belgium).

Start : VENOM Cycleworks’ workshop, at 800m from the parking lot (route will be marked with arrows).

Start : Gathering, final registrations and briefing at 8:30 at the VENOM Cycleworks’ workshop. Group start at 9:30.

Arrival : Pavillon de la Heid des Corbeaux, for the after ride drink and a bread with sausage will wait for you to help you chill out in good company.

Route : You get to choose between two lengths 65km (1000D+) or 100km (1700D+). See details below

GPX trace : The routes are not marked with arrows. GPX files will be sent to you a few days prior to the event (mail, Dropbox, Komoot, Strava).

Registration is compulsory: 100 participants maximum.

Entry fee : We will support the biggest share of the costs because we enjoy gathering a bunch of passionate riders sharing that nice Gravel grinding spirit.
However we will ask an entry fee of 5€.
That organization is not here to make money, that tiny amount will get you a drink and a bread with sausage (the famous “pain saucisse” that will come from a local butchery).
You will need it, believe us!

Registration : You will be registered after we receive your payment. That amount of 5€ must be transferred on the bank account BE39063631138619 BIC GKCCBEBB
mentioning your first, last name and your email address (replace @ by “at” in the communication field if your bank doesn’t allow it.
We will close the registration by the 1st April, unless we reach the maximum attendance before that date.
We will also ask you to sign a disclaimer.
We will publish the document in the coming days, it would be great if you can print it and give it back to us signed and completed, this will save us some time !

The routes :

100km (1700D+) : A tough one, less technical than the previous #GRAVELIRDE13 rides, but it remains tricky with some rocky sections and some climbs will be steeper than in the 65km version.
More than 60% of the route is off road.

65km (1000D+) : It shares the first 30km with the 100km route. There will be less Châteaux though.
Technical sections have been limited as much as possible, hardly any steep climbs needing small gearing (almost no red section to be found on the profile in the Komoot app) , so just some good times, gorgeous landscapes and the possibility to go back to the start following an easy route if go down in the Ourthe’s valley whenever you like to follow the Ravel’s cyclepath.
More than 65% of the route is off road.

What is it ? :
An informal Gravel ride at your own pace on a suggested route shared via a GPX file.
It’s up to you to adapt your route based on your taste, technical skills or potential danger.

What it’s not ! :
It’s not an organized ride marked with arrows and/or stewards.
There won’t be any refueling stations, no bikewash, no shower

Participants are not insured by the organization and each individual is responsible for his own behaviour.
Be prepared, reasonable, respect traffic rules and other users of the route you’re following.
Have a great time!

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